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Post-Lipo Massage

What is Post-Lipo Massage (LDM)?
Liposculpting surgical procedures create pooling of excess lymphatic fluids. This results in swelling and dissatisfaction with the patient. Post-Lipo Massage or Lymphatic Draining Massage (LDM) is a specialized massage technique that is recommended by plastic surgeons, after liposuction, to accelerate the recuperation period. The science behind why this massage works is fairly simple. Stroking the areas of the body that process the lymph fluid, and the lymph nodes, causes the fluid to drain from the body and help re-adhere the skin. This massage procedure works well and has been demonstrated to show positive results in as little as two massage treatments! However, most patients need 4 to 6 treatments to remove most of the excess fluid. Patients can expect relief from swelling after the 6th treatment. Some patients will also experience lumpiness to the areas affected with liposuction. This is normal for most patients after surgery. The lumpiness is caused by inflammation and trauma from the surgical instrument that is used under the skin to extract the fatty tissue. The tunnels and channels which are created by the surgical instrument will fill with fluid and become swollen with both fluid and left-over fat. This fluid and left-over fat tends to begin to harden between one week and three weeks after surgery. LDM will help move the fluid by gently pushing back into the lymph passages. Doctors will advise their patients that, without LDM, there is a risk that the swelling and inflammation could turn into fibrosis, which is a permanent hardening and disfigurement to the area. LDM ensures you’ll achieve the best results possible from the surgery.


  • Relieve Swelling
  • Drains Excess Fluids
  • Better Visual Appearance
  • Reduce Inflammation